Joseph Connelly

«Flocks» (Schwärme), Installation (Aktion 25.-26.8.2001)

Ten basic principles of Connelly's work are:

0. Tasked based performance art
1. Temporary
2. Academic
3. Conceptual
4. Territorial
5. Mundane materials
6. Anonymous process
7. Against expression
8. Against theatricality
9. Against commodity status

Most of his work is public based tasks, that alters an object, objects or space. These are allowed to survive, decay or be removed without interference from the artist. The majority of his work survives as photographic images, anecdotes and souveniers.

Many of his pieces include free souvenier items for the viewer to take away. He has provided 50 Ibs of fresh popcorn at a gallery show, distributed $10/hour (in coins and bills) for 8 hours to passers-by and delivered 2.5 tons of piaster milk cartons to household doorsteps.

Most recent I y Connelly has been exploring anonymous distribution, using US currency as the medium for his work. This past Spring, he solidted wishes from people. People w rote their wishes on a small form. On May 10th, Connelly read the wishes at a public fountain, tossing one penny into the fountain for each wish.


Der Konzept- und Performancekünstler zeigte seine Arbeiten auf dem Cleveland Performance Art Festival (Toronto Performance Festival), während des Coyote Festival (Chicago) und anderen regionalen Ausstellungen.

Zur Zeit ist er Dozent am Art Department der University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.